DIY Kitesurf 360 Camera mount

DIY Kitesurf 360 Camera mount

One of the many reasons I love kitesurfing is that I'm constantly learning. An important tool to help keep making progression in the sport, has been filming myself to analyze what I'm doing wrong. I recommend everyone try filming themselves so they can self assess or send to a coach for feedback, and today we'll talk through a cheap DIY option for recording yourself that doesn't require putting a camera in their kite lines.

The Solution

Using the things you may already have around the house, the solution I setup was putting a selfie stick in my impact vest, which has a back pocket for a water pouch. You can use this setup vertically or horizontally with the camera off to your left or right side.


I'm sure you can find a better combination of tools to use, but here's the ones I had around the house from other projects, and these are the ones that I've tested and work well in this setup. They've also lasted several kitesurfing sessions over 40mph... so you know they are sturdy.