Learn to kite foil in under 20 hours

Learn to kite foil in under 20 hours

Learning something new is always hard, learning something that is like flying a futuristic spaceship underwater with your feet is monumental.

After gonig through the learning process in the most inefficient and painful way possible, I've isolated some key tips that would have made everything a lot easier.  My goal is to share these with anyone about to start the journey of learning to hydrofoil, so they can get out and riding sooner with a lot less frustration.

It too me well over 40 hours of kite sessions over the course of 2 years to really get to the point where I was comfortable in most situations.   Here are the key areas where you could get a leg up and learn much faster than me:

1) Foundational skills

  • Kite control - foiling requires really subtle kite control, it's way more precise than twin-tipping.
  • Riding toeside - most people will need to carve heelside to toeside and back for transitions.
  • Downloops - absolutely key to riding in light winds.

2) The learning curriculum

  • Train on the foil without the kite, use a jet ski , boat, or even an e-foil.
  • Learn how to carry the board on it's own.
  • Water starts - stay compressed and roll up quickly to being very vertical on the board.
  • Taxi first! Don't just try to fly right away.
  • Use speed to get your first flights.  There are three different ways to do this.
  • Stopping, its scary, but go slow and move the kite to 12 o'clock.
  • Gypes - skip foot switches and learn carving turns.

Watch the full video above to get all the details.