I’m constantly trying new software. In my personal life I’m always looking for software to save me time, and at work I’m always looking for software to make team collaboration more effective.

There’s so much software out there that the biggest challenge is narrowing down the options. I don’t trust sales people, and I don’t trust marketing material, so often the most important step in the process is just getting access to the software so you can see it first hand. Most sites require you to create an account, some sites make you put in your credit card for a free trial, and the worst sites require you to speak to some sort of sales person.

Nothing makes me want to buy software less than speaking to a sales person. I would say it’s almost a guaranteed deal killer. The typical experience is someone that’s only partially knowledgeable about the product, who’s even less knowledgeable about me and what I want, telling me that the software “does everything.”

This doesn’t happen 100% of the time. For example, I recently demoed product review software and settled on Okendo. After creating a free account and confirming it did a lot of what I wanted to do, I had a couple remaining questions. Okendo offered a product onboarding call, and I hopped on a demo call with Aboud who knew the product really well and answered all of my questions. By the end of the call it was clear to me that this software was the right software for me, and that I was going to become a paying customer.

Anyway, the point is that buying software has generally been a horrible experience for years, if not decades. Earlier this week, that changed. I was looking at team project management tools, and when I came across a product called Taskade, I saw an option called Instant Demo….

The Instant Demo

So the way it works is you click, and BAM!!! You’re in the software!!!!

My Mind was blown.

I was immediately in a demo account for the software and could immediately test all of its functionality.

No gated sign-up, no credit card, no horrible conversation with a sales team.

This is how I want all software to work from now on. I didn’t choose taskade, but at least I don’t have negative good will towards them for wasting even more of my time to rule them out as an option. If Taskade makes improvements or changes in the future, I’ll gladly reconsider them in the future.

Instant Demo, the only way I want to buy software